Around the world the implementation of Unified Communications is expanding rapidly. This powerful IT strategy creates a single platform that effectively enables employees to stay connected anywhere they go using the most convenient device.

ShoreTel was good for us is because the monthly maintenance which then is the yearly maintenance was extremely low. It was at least 1/3rd the cost the Avaya system and maybe a little more than that for Nortel. It was such a scalable solution for us. It grew as we grew.

FTV Capital
When comparing ShoreTel to larger name systems we chose ShoreTel not because it was the price leader, but because it offered superior feature sets and usability for both end users and administrators.

We decided on ShoreTel after an extensive review of a number of phone systems. We had at that time an Avaya solution, it was really ending life and we had to decide what to do with it. So we selected 3 top candidates. Those top candidates were Avaya, ShoreTel, and Cisco. ShoreTel was kind of a dark horse, we didn’t know a lot about them, but as they came in and did their demonstration we found that they had a compelling story.