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Find-Me Follow-Me

  • Have calls follow you on any two additional telephones.
  • Caller dials your extension or direct number. Call rings your desk, followed by your first, and then second phone. If there is no answer, the caller reaches voicemail. Voicemail is accessible from your any phone, and forwarded to your email as wave file.
  • Options: Press 1 in voicemail to forward to another number (ex. mobile).
Find-Me Follow-Me

Simultaneous Ring

  • Allow callers to track you down on two additional separate phones with one number
  • Caller dials your extension or direct number. Call rings your desk-phone, while also ringing up to two additional phone numbers.
  • Option: While on a call with your desk-phone, select the MOVE button to automatically forward your current call to your mobile. So you can continue your conversation while on the move

Reverse Dial / Forward Dial

  • Route incoming and outgoing calls through your business phone system to any number
  • Popular with rural customer and those with poor internet coverage
  • Outbound calls will only show your business number
Forward Dial
  • Reverse Dial

Reverse Dial
  • Forward Dial


  • Turn any laptop or workstation into a phone
  • Access all VoIP features from desktop software

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