Which Solution is Right for My Business?

One of the most important business decisions you make is choosing the best telephone solution for your small business. Once you decide to implement a VoIP solution, you must make a choice – on-premise, hosted PBX or hybrid?  Some of the things to consider when making the choice are:

  • Future growth of your company
  • Number of users including remote and mobile
  • In-house IT expertise
  • Security and disaster planning for business continuity
  • Availability and quality of Internet infrastructure at your location(s)

 Let’s take a look at on-premise, hosted PBX and hybrid solutions to help you better understand each and what other factors you need to consider regarding the technologies.

On-premise solutions are recommended for larger companies or companies that require customization or integration with other business solutions
Cloud solutions are recommended for small businesses, start-ups and any business with teleworkers, mobile sales staff, independent contractors or remote offices.
A hybrid solution can be easily integrated into whatever your current phone system is and is the most flexible as it combines the best features of an on-premise solution with the cloud.
Give your employees, partners, and customers the most effective, collaborative, and productive communications experience
These solutions encompass a suite of products and features that provide a single platform for premise, cloud and mixed deployments
We are looking forward to working with you on this exciting new suite of unique communications technology. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


An on-premise solution is one where the company purchases all of the equipment needed incurring a larger upfront capital cost. All of the equipment (including cabling, phone system servers and routers) is installed and maintained locally at your company’s place of business or Data Center.  Working with your IT department LCA Systems will perform the installation and provide the maintenance and support needed to keep your system running. An on-premise solution can be fully customized to meet your business needs and ongoing technology updates are available as your business requires via an annual support agreement.

On-premise solutions are recommended for companies that have a large concentration of employees at one site (ie. 200+ employees at one location) or companies that have poor or limited internet infrastructure. Other reasons a company may choose on-premise is simply because the preference of the business is to own not rent.

Factors to consider:

  • Your organization owns the hardware equipment and software licenses
  • Maintenance and support can be performed by IT staff as well as LCA Systems Support team
  • Phone hardware is a one-time capital investment
  • Entire solution lives within your IT infrastructure and under your control
Let’s take a deeper dive at on-premise solution to help you better understand other factors you need to consider regarding the technologies. Learn More.

Hosted PBX

One of the fastest growing trends in our industry, a hosted PBX solution provides a fully managed, maintained, backed-up communication service which is kept running smoothly by LCA Systems in a secure highly redundant data center in Canada. Our Hosted business phone solution can be accessed from anywhere via an internet connection and provide all of the features and capabilities of traditional phone systems and more. There is no limit to customization and integration with a our hosted PBX solution. Little initial investment is required to get up and running and there is no need to subscribe to phone lines separately, as you pay one monthly per-user subscription. Connectivity to your location(s) is provided by a virtual private network over existing Internet or a dedicated MPLS connection directly to our data center.

Hosted PBX solutions are recommended for businesses of all sizes. Start-ups to call centers benefit from the flexibility of our service. Popular with fast growing businesses with limited IT staff.

Factors to consider:

  • Bandwidth – Internet speeds have improved so much in the last few years, this has been awesome for our hosted service. We pay special attention to internet infrastructure at your location and perform testing to ensure reliability.
  • Low capital cost – this keeps the controller happy!
  • Fixed monthly fee’s. – no charge support for making changes to your system’s IVR, extensions, adding/removing users etc. -this also makes your controller happy!
  • LCA Systems monitors your system 24/7 so performance and uptime remains high.


A hybrid solution combines the best features of an on-premise solution with Hosted. Some reasons a business might choose the hybrid solution are:

  • Bad internet connectivity in one or more locations
  • High concentration of users at one or more office’s
  • Want the benefit of the Hosted while minimizing monthly costs through ownership or partial ownership
  • Like the idea of Hosted but don’t yet trust. This is a meet in the middle option.

Factors to consider:

  • Who will be providing the trunking?
  • Is a fixed monthly expense important?
  • Add phone numbers from any area code
  • Can enable specific cloud-based applications or services
As a Canadian small business, we understands how important a business decision this is that will impact you now, and in the future. Our mission is to help cut costs, reduce complexity and eliminate reliability issues in the world of VOIP and Business Communications. Because we wanted to help reduce your costs, we were the first to offer the cloud solution in Canada. We will work with you as you make your decision for what solution is best for your business needs and requirements.

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